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The Smart Survey Device (SSD) is a state of the art portable signal processing device that can greatly assist engineers who need to perform assessments of cathodic protection systems that protect their pipelines. With its unique ability to carry out complex on-board calculations, it has been designed for use with both impressed current and sacrificial anode systems.

The SSD can also be used as follows:


  • To take accurate voltage and current readings

  • To record waveforms at up to 2,000 readings per second (diagnostic mode)

  • As a stand-alone logger for taking measurements over extended periods of time, with all data being saved to an internal SD card

The long battery life and USB or Bluetooth connectivity ensures that the SSD is the ideal tool for engineers that carry out tests and surveys on cathodic protection systems. The in-built GPS ensures all readings are time and location stamped.


The diagnostic mode is particularly useful for complex systems particularly where different types of rectification and current sources are applied. It can also be used on complex systems and process pipework arrangements, where the interruption of all current sources is not always possible as it will enable an engineer to select the most appropriate or representative polarised cycle (or as close to polarised as possible).