The prime innovation within the project is the integration of the pressure and CP voltage sensing in to a single standalone unit for deployment at Nitrogen Sleeves on the National Grid network.

SPIRET is a combined Cathodic Protection and Nitrogen Pressure Monitor that aims to have low manufacturing costs, easy installation and maintenance, with high integrity for the data collected.


By using the latest in long life batteries and with a variety of communications modules to gain access to wide area networks the aim of the project is to be as futureproof as possible. The structure, accessibility, security and maintainability of the software will also play a key part in decision making when defining the project specification.  

  • SPIRET is designed to meet the demanding CP measurement requirements in ISO18086.

  • Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) and 4G/LTE capable communication modules futureproofing the design.

  • Flexible reporting and measurements, with built in alarms, saves battery power.

  • Our system includes industry standard encrypted communications between SPIRET terminals and Server, protecting from unauthorised interceptions.

  • In addition, we have enhanced the security with a unique ‘token’ inside every SPIRET unit which ensures terminal data is safe from a mass spoofing attack.

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